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Celebrating love through lenses... Maneni Kayina

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A Typical Shoot Day at Frame Roots
04 Nov

Celebrating love through lenses... Maneni Kayina

Nov 04, 2017

Celebrating love through lenses

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Maneni Kayina


And, you and I become one. A thousand emotions, a million thoughts and a trillion lists of things-to- do.

And if you had to do it all over again, you probably would. Ah, well weddings, these occasions are what

usually happens during weddings. Amidst all these bitter-sweet moments and chatter, there are these

photographers, like ninjas, walking past each one trying to capture each candid moment as it comes


A wedding, is typically, one of the most memorable moment in a lifetime – one that you’d remember

forever. Wedding photography has become a huge business in the wedding industry. Lots of money

involved and lots of specialized techniques. Sometimes, amid all these technicalities, poses and styles,

the whole essence of a wedding gets lost or forgotten. It all boils down to selecting the best pictures and

posting it on social media for maximum likes and comments.

There are only a handful team of photographers who really understand the essence of capturing these

meaningful moments and work out of their way to accommodate uncalled situations in weddings (which

happen at almost every wedding!).

At Frame Roots, with wedding photography, it's all about capturing the small little moments which go

unnoticed. Seizing an emotion, both natural and created, is an important part of the job for any

photographer. The Frame Roots team understands the effect these pictures will have long after the

wedding gets over. This is why, with not only high-end equipment and skilled ninja photographers

climbing walls to get the right shot, the Frame Roots team ensure a balance among all kinds of events

and photographs throughout the wedding.

The Frame Roots team ensures that these pictures will always put a grin on your families’ faces every

single time you go through them. Since pictures are all about capturing moments and nurturing

memories, the team will make sure your memories last for today and forever.

This is what celebrating love through lenses is all about, isn’t it? The pictures remind you of all the

feelings, emotions and the million thoughts going through your mind at that exact moment of your

wedding day. These pictures are going to be deep-rooted in your albums for generations to come. This is

the reason why Frame Roots believe in creating a tree of memories for you to come back to every time

you want to reminisce and feel joyful!

Create your tree of memories today and make it a piece of remembrance to be treasured and shared

through the years.